Gift Guide: Last Minute Christmas Gift Additions! by Cammy Morrell

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Christmas is a little more than a week away! I am not even joking, where did this year go?! The older I get the more I freak out about presents.  With jobs and life, it gets really hard to shop.  Especially in California because people will literally kill you for a parking spot.  I would rather live thank you! Last year I was shopping for ALL of my presents on Christmas Eve after work!  Most dumb thing I have ever done. This year I planned ahead on everything and have all my presents under the tree already.  At least the main gifts.  Lots of times, I will find little last minute additions to throw into the pile.  BareMinerals has made it super easy this year with great deals and pre-christmas-packaged gift sets.  I owe this company my life thanks to oil free products and an amazing team. I did wrap a few of the items for under the tree (& and for mayyybe a photo op...) ! But for the most part, they don't even need to be wrapped.  Love these sets, & I think my mom and sisters will love them too! They all love new makeup, and are constantly bugging me to give them my unused makeup out of my makeup bag. Mmmm, not a chance!  Here are some of the sets I chose out: Kissing Booth Lip Gloss Set ($26) , Star of the Show Set ($36), Buffing Beauties Brush Set ($49), Main Attraction Set ($38)


Camel Coat by Cammy Morrell

Probably one of the most interesting combos I've worn lately.  A huge camel coat with Birkenstocks.  My birks are about the most comfy things in my closet and working on hard floors, it's nice to have some arch support on my days off.  I am so overly tired with work, my grandma, and blogging!  I just want to snuggle in bed all day.. But thats not going to happen anytime soon. I am slowly getting more excited for the holidays as I'm starting to see more and more Christmas stuff around town driving down Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills.  If you visit LA during the holidays, that is one street you defiantly want to drive/walk down while here.  My tree if finally up and I have posted my first Gift Guide... bring December on! 

Gift Guide: Why Buffing Brushes are Not in Your Makeup Bag, but should be by Cammy Morrell

Lets go back in time.  I was twelve, applying my moms old foundation compact with an over used foam pad (um eww!) in the car on the way to junior high.  When trying to reminisce on my first foundation routine, this came to mind.  The foundation was sooo the wrong color, and there was a more than visible line across my jaw line. I am no professional, but I defiantly have learned a few things about makeup and how applying it with certain tools can take your skin from drab-to-"OMG what foundation are you wearing because your skin looks amazing!" Are you guys feeling me? 

I have started using brushes within the past couple of months and I am hooked! Since changing to brushes I have gotten so many more compliments on my skin and my foundation sits so much better on my face. Here are some of the reasons why I am hooked!

1. My foundation lasts way longer.  Buffing instead of smearing thins out the liquid and gives it an even base. 

2. Its sanitary! I can clean my brushes everyday, twice a day.  Now thats my kind of makeup tool.

3. Less break outs and imperfections.  Touching my occasional imperfections I always thought it spread to making other imperfections.

4. Amazing coverage on imperfections. Okay, life can be stressful and we all get acne sometimes.  When I do, I love using a brush to cover it up.  Put me back three years ago and foundation made my pimples more noticeable.  

5. Buffing brushes are great or subtle dramatic looks.  I have been wearing a light smoky eye and these bad boys do the job! The more you buff the better the look gets. 

I think these Buffing Beauties available at any bareMinerals boutique or online here! would make a great gift for someone who loves anything doing with beauty.  Or someone who needs a little kick in their makeup bag.  Especially for the price!  They have a special holiday price and it comes in an adorable red wrap bag. 

Happy December loves! I look forward to these future holiday posts!