Hey Guys,

Thanks for exercising your pointer finger on my blog today.  I figured I had better write some things about me, just so you can know me better.  Until I make a video about me, I will just answer the five most asked questions I get.

Q1: “Who takes your pictures?”  I get asked this SO much.  I am about to make a Youtube video (my first) about all the questions I get asked so make sure you keep checking back in!

Q2: “Why is your blog called Last of the Moheak?” A: When twitter first came out, everyone had one and I started one.  I knew I was probably going to be using it for awhile so I wanted to choose something either meaning full or my name.  My name was already taken.  Seriously? Yes.  Who has my name other than me.  I was shocked.  I hope you feel my sarcasm there.  Growing up my parents called me last of the mohican.  Based after the movie, since I am the youngest of four siblings.  So I typed that in and it didn’t fit.  Anyways,  it went from lastofthemohic, to lastofthemoheek, and when I started my instagram (which you can follow @lastofthemoheak) I changed the double -e- to -ea-.  Long story I know.  But that’s my story and to be honest I love my trademark.  It has become a part of me.

Q3: “How much do you shop?”  A:  I love to shop, that is for sure.  But I don’t shop every second of the day.  I have a job like a real human.  I don’t get things handed to me.  I love to work hard and I have amazing parents that teach me everything I know.  I really owe them everything I have because they are that amazing.

Q4: “What do I see in the future happening with this Blog?”  A:  Unfortunately I can not make blogging my first priority or my plan A.  Can I see myself doing this for the rest of my life? YES!  I love my hobby as a blogger,  I call it my hobby but I like to think of it as my second job.  I am constantly thinking about new looks or new things to do with it. So stick around because I am not going anywhere.

Q5: “How do you get inspired?” A:  I get inspired by many things.  Architecture, food, old photos.  Also by other blogs I read.  My favorite bloggers are Song of Style, Sincerly Jules, Snakes Nest, Man Repeller.  But my number one inspiration is reading men’s fashion blogs.  I am not going to lie, Peter Adrian,  I have a huge crush on his style.  And of course my top magazines which are Nylon, Vogue, W and Elle.

More to come!

Love you guys,

And thank you soooo much for following my blog!