While Prom Dress Shopping Tips

While Prom Dress Shopping Tips

While Prom Dress Shopping Tips

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Prepared… Me?

Being prepared is a way to help guarantee an easy Prom.  The first thing to start with, is start shopping early!  There is nothing wrong with having your dress before anyone else.  Seriously.  Here are some tips of things you need to keep in the back of your head, while you are Prom shopping.

Have Your Hair Done

I highly recommend doing your hair before you Prom dress shop.  I don’t even get dressed in the morning until my hair and makeup are done.  Reason being, I have a hard time seeing the final product without it, like many girls.  Don’t go after practice or rehearsal. You want to look fresh and feel clean.  Do your hair in a more fancy way to get closer to the feel of Prom.  I have said it before and I will say it again, hair is such a huge part of looking good.

Bring Makeup

If for whatever reason, you are coming from school or an event, most likely you’ve wiped off some makeup.  Bring those simple tools that make the world of difference in seconds.  You don’t have to bring all your makeup but an eye-lash curler, blush, or lip gloss will do the trick just fine.

Wear Deodorant

A perk of getting your dress early is that, you are going to get a new dress and not one that everyone has tried on.  Let’s face life; sometimes trying on clothes can work up a bigger sweat than working out.  Wear deodorant because you will get hot and yes, maybe even sweat a little.

Don’t be Full

Last but not least, go shopping hungry.  Not starving where all you can think about is food.  But definitely plan lunch or dinner after.  Most girls even diet before the big day so even more reason to not eat.  Also there is no excuse for you to feel bloated or “fat”. Feeling this way while shopping stinks, so avoid at all costs!

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